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About Us/Mission

The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) at Cal is a program for students in recovery from substance abuse as well as those who are currently struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. We are a community on campus dedicated to supporting students in their recovery efforts by providing resources for recovery, health & wellness, and academic success. With these efforts, we aim to create an inclusive environment and supportive community to help students thrive at Cal and beyond.


The Collegiate Recovery Program at Cal began from the efforts of a student collective passionate about recovery in 2018. Sponsored by Fabrizio Mejia, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion and Cathy Kodama, Director of Health Promotion, this collective organized to create a space on campus to support students in recovery as well as those struggling from alcohol and drug use.

The mission of this collective was to:

  • Create an accessible resource center for students struggling with alcohol and drug use regardless of financial, cultural, or social barriers.
  • Create a safe space where students could create community, foster solidarity, and combat stigma attached to recovery.
  • Implement a university-recognized program that would advocate on behalf of students in recovery as a marginalized population.

In the Fall of 2017, Sunny Lee, Associate Dean of Students in the AVC & Dean of Students Office hired Daniel Bak and Vicky Zamarripa as CRP’s first two student staff to conduct research and create a foundation for the program.

Many students were involved in creating and launching this program, and we wish to recognize their important contributions:

  • Brennan MacLean
  • Drew Reiwitch
  • Mac Hoang
  • Mauricio Najarro
  • Peter Soyster
  • Shalita Williams
  • Timothy Gold

Spring 2019 CRP Staff:

Joseph Peters-Atwell

Contact Us:
Address: 102 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720

On-Campus Resources:

UHS Social Services

Social Services at the Tang Center offers a range of alcohol and other drug-related services, supporting a spectrum of harm reduction goals for individuals and our campus community

UHS Tang Center, Social Services
2nd floor, Room 2280
2222 Bancroft Way #2280
Berkeley, CA 94720

SoBears: Students for Recovery

SoBears is a UC Berkeley RSO (Registered Student Organization) for students currently in recovery for alcohol and drug use, and those interested in recovery. They are a community of students who are committed to creating a supportive and safe environment for all students. SoBears hosts weekly substance-free get-togethers and annual bonding retreats for students in recovery.

Contact SoBears.

Off-Campus Resources:

Alcoholics Anonymous

12-step recovery program for anyone who has the desire to stop drinking.
Find an AA meeting.

Narcotics Anonymous

12-step recovery program for anyone who has the desire to stop using narcotics.
Find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Refuge Recovery

Buddhist path to addiction recovery.
Find a Refuge Recovery meeting.


12-step program for those with family and loved ones struggling with alcohol and drug use.
Find an Al-Anon meeting.

Scholarships & Other Opportunities:

CRP Partners

Other Partners