Meet the Team/Staff Directory

Immediate Office

Joseph Greenwell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of Students | Sign up for Office Hours
Dawn Lee Tu, Interim Associate Dean of Students
Talmeisa Ogans, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of Students 

Dean's Circle

In addition to the AVC/DOS immediate office, the following individuals make up the senior leadership team: 

Sandra Bass, Assistant Dean of Students and Director, Public Service Center
Carrie Donovan, K-14 Programs Manager, Public Service Center
Suzan Akin, Assistant Director, Public Service Center
Thomas Devlin, Associate Dean of Students and Director, Career Center
Brian Guerrero, Senior Associate Director, Career Center
Andrew E. Green, Senior Asst. Director & PhD counselor, Career Center
Dara L. Ziegelmeier, Asst. Director, Employer Relations, Career Center
Patricia Norton, Asst. Director, Career Center
Daryl Ansel, Associate Dean of Students and Executive Director, ASUC Student Union
Joan Iva Fawcett, Interim Assistant Dean of Students and Director, LEAD Center
Katelyn Nomura-Weingrow, Associate Director, ASUC - Art Studio
Suzi Halpin, Director of Event & Facilities Ops., ASUC - Aux
Shanice Jackson, Sr. Business & Finance Manager, ASUC - Financial Services
Hallie Hunt, Assistant Dean of Students and Director, Center for Student Conduct | Sign up for Office Hours
Chrissy Roth-Francis, Director, New Student Services
Mari Knuth-Bouracee, Director, Confidential Care Advocate’s Office
Kathy O'Brien, Finance Manager, Student Affairs
Jody Policar, Director, Student Affairs Philanthropy
Susan Roach, Director Student Affairs of Administration and Finance
Paul Robles, Interim Director, Student Affairs Information Technology
Ellen Topp, Director, Student Affairs Communications
Alfred Day, Interim Director, Student Affairs Case Mangaement
Mark Lucia, Director,  Student Legal Services
Maria Jaochico, Associate Director, Student Conduct