Confidential Counseling

Counseling for academic, career, and personal issues. No charge to get started.

Food Security

Resources to help alleviate students from hunger and provide nutrition security.

Gender Equity Resources

Resources for women, men, LBGTQ, sexual violence, hate crimes. 

How to Learn About Student Conduct (Center for Student Conduct)

One-stop shop for everything regarding student conduct: policies, resources, processes, and support.

How to Report a Hate Crime

What to do to report acts of intolerance (hate crimes).

How to Help Students in Distress

Concerned about a student? Learn the signs of crisis and refer a case here.

Legal Services

Advising students on legal questions, rights, and obligations.

Nurturing Mental Health

Strategies for finding support at UC Berkeley.

Sexual Survivor Support (Confidential Care)

Confidential care for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment and/or sexual violence.

Student Advocate Office

Offering advice to those involved in a dispute with the University.

Violence Prevention Collaborative

Improving collaborative efforts to prevent violence in all forms on campus.

Coping with Trauma, Tragedies and Loss

Campus resources and support available for our community members.

Death of a Student

Student Deaths - We can help you better understand how loss can impact you and provide some support when someone close to you passes away.

Collegiate Recovery

The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) at Cal is a program for students in recovery from substance abuse as well as those who are currently struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.