Alcohol & Other Drugs Resources

Learn effective ways to handle alcohol and drug issues.

Bear Pact (Health Resources)

Find campus resources for making healthy choices. Presentation during welcome week.

Bears That Care (Bystander Intervention)

Training to recognize potential harm and intervene safely.

Campus Climate

Help create a campus where all feel respected and valued.

Campus Safety

Learn what to do to protect yourself from crime.

Mental Health Wellness Toolkit

Tools for taking care of your mental health.


This site offers resources that will help you identify your own unique system of wellness, support your individual wellbeing, as well as reshape the way we approach and achieve wellness within our various communities here at Cal.

Recreational Sports

Get fit through various wellness and fitness services.

Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

Understand how to prevent sexual violence on campus.

University Health Services (Tang Center)

Stay well through comprehensive medical and mental health services.